Working on a roof

Having your roof replaced is not a simple process. If you could, you would snap your fingers and have your old damaged shingles torn off and brand-new top of the line shingles installed. Until that type of technology is developed, we’re faced with what we have – but it’s not so bad when you know what’s going on.

A significant portion of the roofing job is devoted to roofing material delivery. If the roofing material delivery goes the right way, the shingles and other materials will be loaded neatly on top of your roof, out of your way, and ready for the shingling crew to do their work.

Because the roofing material delivery is an important part of the roof replacement process, you need to do your part as well, let’s review three things to know about your roofing material deliveries with A to Z Roofing.

3 Things to Know About Roofing Material Deliveries

You Need to Let Your Roofing Company Know if There is No Access

If your home has no driveway or direct access to your roofline you need to let the roofing company know. In an ideal situation, the roofing materials will be loaded directly on top of the roof, but if they have no access to the roof line, they may need to use special equipment or ground drop the materials. Just let your roofer know, and they’ll work on the situation from there.

You Need to Let Your Roofing Company if You Have a New or Very Old Driveway

Material delivery trucks can be heavy and do have the potential to damage both new and older driveways that are already cracked and pockmarked. Most driveways can easily handle the weight of the delivery truck but if you have a unique situation, let the roofing company know.

Do What the Roofing Company Says

You will get a call from your roofing company when they know the date or time your materials are being delivered. They will give instructions like clearing your driveway or providing access to a portion of your property. If you follow your roofing company’s recommendations, you’ll have the smoothest delivery.

If you apply your roof replacement situation to any of these situations, get the proper information communicated to your roofer, and follow what they say your roofing material delivery will go smoothly. The roofing material delivery is a critical part of getting your roof replaced so do your part and make the job easy on both you and the roofing company.