Physicists Create Program to Craft Political Messages


It seems like our nation is the most polarized and divided it’s been since the Civil War, and technology only seems to accelerate polarization. Have you ever found yourself arguing with a relative on Facebook about a political policy? Is it frustrating that no matter what facts you present to your cause, the other person […]

Arizona Family Moves to Alaska to Chase Gold and Jewelry Dream

In summer 1979 brothers Joe and Glenn Taylor, along with their father, decided to take an extended vacation in Alaska to catch fish in crystal clear streams and try their hand at prospecting for gold along the Fortymile River. It proved to be a profitable summer for the Taylor family as they netted plenty of […]

Colorado State Patrol Tweet Asks for Input on IDing DUI Offenders

Working with a DUI client

Some say it reminds them too much of the “The Scarlet Letter,” but the Colorado State Patrol (CPS) is taking public input on creative ways of branding or identifying motorists who have been arrested for DUI. CPS put out a poll on the “scarlet letter” idea, the 351 results gave mostly mixed responses. The largest […]

AAERO – The ‘Re-Birth’ of Aviation with a Twist

There’s a new startup in town, it’s called “AAERO.” Their tagline is ‘innovation in aviation’ and that’s exactly what they’re doing.  According to the FAA, in 1980 there were over 827,000 pilots. In 2015 the numbers declined to an estimated 590,039 active certificated pilots. That’s a drop of 6,770 pilots per year. At that rate, the […]