Moving into a new home

Colorado’s population is booming. If you’re moving across or into the state, you’re likely curious to the best towns Colorado has to offer. While you have several choices, today let’s examine a gem of a town along Interstate 25 that could be the future home of you and yours. It’s known as Monument, let’s learn why you should move there thanks to The Wheaton Team.

3 Reasons to Move to Monument

Central Location for Outdoor Fun and Convenience

Monument is located between Colorado Springs and Denver though it is closer to Colorado Springs. Residents of Monument get the best of both Denver and Colorado Springs by living in a Monument home. It takes less than an hour to drive to the sports, entertainment, and other amenities of Denver while a drive to the outdoor paradise of Colorado Springs typically takes less than a half-hour. If you split your time between the two major Colorado cities or if you want options for fun you should consider moving to Monument.


Monument is close to Colorado Springs and Denver, but because Monument is outside of both, you shouldn’t expect to pay Denver or Colorado Springs real estate prices. Buying a house and commuting to Denver or Colorado Springs will come with long commute times but the prices are worth it for most. Avoid the hot market prices of Colorado Springs and the skyrocketing Denver market by considering a home in a smaller town outside these metro areas like Monument.

Small Town Charm

Many people like the bright lights and bustling of the city, but if you prefer a small town feel, Monument is a great town to consider. People know their neighbors in Monument, and there are many community-oriented events and ways to get to know everybody in this town of a few thousand. If you love the small-town charm and close-knit communities, Monument would be a great fit.

There are many reasons to move to Monument, but some of the top reasons include its central location to both Denver and Colorado Springs, affordability, and its small-town charm. If those reasons apply to you, you’re ready to schedule a showing with a local Monument real estate. A local Monument realtor will make the process simple and help you find the best home in Monument for both your needs and budget. This small Colorado town has plenty of charm, so check it out.