does insurance cover disaster restoration

Your home was just hit by a massive storm and that storm caused the trickling creek by your home to swell into a river and into your home. The cleanup will be expensive but luckily you have a home insurance policy and a local disaster restoration service you can call to help clean you up. What type of costs can you expect your insurance to payout and what type of bill are you looking at to cover disaster restoration? Will insurance cover everything? Let’s find out with ServPro.

Your insurance policy, agency, and state play a role in what insurance covers regarding disaster restoration services. The type of policy you own, (and the more you pay monthly) play a big part in determining what type of payment you’ll receive. There are dependent factors on your policy that will determine how much your insurance pays out but most homeowner’s policies, including basic policies, cover restoration service if your home has been destroyed.

All insurance customers will pay a deductible on any fulfilled insurance claims and that deductible amount depends on your policy. Your best action is choosing a restoration services that offers complementary insurance claims help. Restoration experts are great at putting your home back together but they’re also great at assisting you negotiate the insurance process.  They’ll work to get you the maximum amount of approved dollars as they can.

Who knows if your insurance company disaster covers restoration services? Your insurance agent. After you’ve suffered through any home damage from an ‘Act of God’ like fire or flood, you should contact your insurance agent immediately to figure out the next steps and what you can expect to pay. Your insurance agent or a field agent will survey the damage and write up your claim which includes what they’ll pay for and why. Most disaster restoration services will work directly with an insurance company and do what’s being paid for in your policy. You can’t figure out what you’re going to pay and be paid until you call.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover disaster restoration though the amount of coverage and what you might expect to pay depend on the policy, agency, and other factors. Sit down with both a disaster restoration company and your insurance agent to figure out the maximum coverage you can get for any damage claim.