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Colorado is bracing for an unusually active weather season, and the local roofing industry is gearing up for a surge in demand. Known for its majestic landscapes and dynamic weather, Colorado is no stranger to severe weather conditions, which often include damaging hail and powerful wind storms. With the hurricane season projected to have a record number of named storms this year, homeowners and businesses are on high alert, and the importance of dependable roofing has never been more apparent.

The Threat of Hail and Wind

Colorado’s location is a hotspot for hail storms, particularly from April through September. These storms can unleash hailstones large enough to puncture roofing materials, leading to significant damage that requires professional repairs. Additionally, the state often experiences high winds that can exacerbate the damage, ripping shingles from roofs and exposing structures to further harm.

Experts at Colorado Roofing Company, a trusted local firm, emphasize the vulnerability of roofs during these severe weather episodes. “In Colorado, it’s not a matter of if, but when your roof will have to contend with these severe weather elements,” says John Doe, a senior roofing specialist with the company. “Preparation and timely maintenance are key to mitigating the impact.”

Record Hurricane Season

Adding to the concern this year is the expected intensity of the hurricane season. According to meteorological forecasts, the 2024 hurricane season is set to record an unprecedented number of named storms, which could influence weather patterns far beyond the typical coastal areas. While Colorado is inland, the tail effects of these hurricanes often reach the state, bringing increased rainfall and storm conditions that can test the integrity of any roofing system.

“Even though we’re hundreds of miles from the coast, the remnants of hurricanes can bring sustained heavy rains and gusty winds. This kind of weather can quickly turn a small roof problem into a disaster,” explains Doe.

Choosing the Right Roofing Company

The anticipated increase in severe weather has led to a boom in the roofing industry in Colorado. However, this has also attracted the attention of less reputable contractors, often called storm chasers, who move into areas affected by recent storms, offering quick and cheap repairs. These offers can be tempting, but they often result in poor-quality work that can lead to bigger issues, or worse, taking deposits but never showing up to do the work.

Colorado Roofing Company advises homeowners to choose local, well-established roofing companies for repairs or inspections. “Selecting a local company is beneficial for several reasons,” states Alan, another expert at RoofCorp of Metro Denver.

“Local roofing companies are more likely to understand the specific challenges posed by Colorado’s weather, and they have a reputation to maintain within the community.”

Avoiding Roofing Scams

With the increase in roofing demands, the incidence of scams often rises. Unscrupulous contractors may take advantage of homeowners, especially after severe weather events. These scams can range from demanding upfront payments and not delivering the promised work to using substandard materials and inflating costs.

The Better Business Bureau and Colorado Roofing Company stress the importance of due diligence. Homeowners should always verify contractors’ credentials, check references, and compare multiple bids before deciding. It’s also advised to be wary of any contractor who insists on a full upfront payment or is pressured to make an immediate decision.

Stay Prepared

As Colorado prepares for intense weather, from hail and wind to the effects of a record-breaking hurricane season, the roofing industry is on the front lines, ensuring homes and businesses are protected. The expert advice from professionals at firms like Colorado Roofing Company is clear: prepare in advance, choose local expertise, and avoid the pitfalls of quick fixes and scams. This proactive approach will not only save money but also ensure peace of mind during what promises to be a challenging period for property owners across the state.

For those seeking more information on how to protect their properties and make informed choices about roofing, contacting local experts like those at Colorado Roofing Company can provide both guidance and quality service, ensuring that when the storm hits, your roof stands firm.


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