Hersheys CBD Candy?

Chocolates and gummy candy have been a favorite for CBD, but according to Hershey CEO, Michele Buck, Hershey doesn’t have any plans to add CBD to its food just yet.

Chocolates and gummy candy have become a popular vehicle for CBD, but the non-psychoactive cannabis compound won’t be in Hershey products anytime soon.

“It is a huge trend, so we’re evaluating it but have no plans at this point in time,” Buck said Tuesday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

CBD advocates claim CBD has a growing number of health benefits from reducing stress, dealing with anxiety to suppressing chronic pain but for now, there’s very little evidance to back up those claims.

The Food and Drug Administration prohibits adding the compound to food and beverages because it is the main ingredient in a drug used to treat childhood epilepsy. The FDA held its first hearing in late May to better understand CBD and how to regulate it.

Currently, CBD Oil enthusiasts can purchase oils, candies, bath balms, CBD beauty products and more in select retailers around the United States.

Buyer beware, just because you find CBD oil on the shelf, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Various studies have found brands to have unsafe amounts of lead and even pesticides. As with all non-FDA approved supplements, including herbal alternatives such as kava and kratom, it is up to the buyer to determine the legitimacy and safety of the product they are purchasing.

NuLeaf Naturals based out of Colorado is one of the pioneers in the CBD world who are taking extraneous steps to ensure they deliver an organic, premium product that leads the industry in both quality and reputation.

So for now, until the FDA works out their plans, be sure to only buy from reputable CBD providers. There’s a lot of snake oil out there so do your research before you finally pull the trigger.